There are four simple cocktail recipes made on HWAYO.

Today, we are going to make four cocktails with HWAYO.

HWAYO ranges from 17 degrees, 25 degrees, 41 degrees, and 53 degrees depending on the frequency.
There are also products that have been aged in oak barrels.
Today, I will make a cocktail at 17 degrees Celsius on HWAYO (delievery check 택배조회)

The first is the HWAYO citron tonic.

Ingredients are citron syrup on HWAYO and tonic water is prepared.
First, add as much citron syrup as you want.
If you want to eat a lot, you can add a lot. After that, add 2 ounces of HWAYO and mix well.
Put ice in and pour tonic water to complete.
Yujacheong and tonic water have a good combination, so you can add Chamisul instead of HWAYO.
It is sweet and has a citron scent and carbonation, so it goes in smoothly.
If you have fruit syrup at home, I recommend you make it and try it.

Second, I’m going to make a cocktail with lime + sugar + HWAYO.

This combination can be enjoyed even if you add alcohol other than HWAYO.
First, add ice to the shaker, 2 ounces of HWAYO, 1.5 ounces of lime juice, and 5 spoons of sugar.
You might think that there’s a lot of sugar, but is it okay to add this much sugar? It’s delicious if you put it in until you want to.
If you put all the ingredients in, shake it.
Put ice in a glass and put in a shaken cocktail. A cocktail is completed very simply.
It is full of lime scent, sweet and sour, and shakes, and has small ice, making it cool and fresh.
For your information, it is delicious to make it with Hallasan instead of HWAYO.

Third, I would like to make a refreshing cocktail with Cheon Hye-Hyang and fashion fruit syrup on HWAYO.

If you like Cheonhyehyang, it is definitely recommended.
Half of Cheonhehyang is enough. Put ice in the shaker and 1.5 ounces of HWAYO.
Add 2 ounces of Cheonhyehyang juice. Add 0.3 ounces of fashion fruit syrup and shake it.
Put ice in a glass and pour it all the way to complete.
It’s really pretty because the color is orange. You can even think of it as orange juice. It’s really sweet and sour.
It almost doesn’t taste like alcohol full of fruit scent. It’s a cocktail that I really recommend to people who are weak in alcohol.
Fashion fruits syrup is a good combination with citrus fruits.
It is fresh and fragrant using fresh fruits, so you can drink a cup quickly.
If you don’t have fashion fruits syrup, you can just use syrup. Anyone who likes fruit scents will like it.


Finally, it is a method of making cocktails neatly using green tea.

You use green tea for alcohol? It may be strange, but if you try it, you will keep thinking about it.
Put HWAYO in a glass, green tea bags, and put them in the refrigerator.
If you’re making it at home, it’s a good idea to soak it in advance a few hours before drinking.
Put ice in a glass and put all the ingredients.
1.5 ounces of HWAYO (depending on the cup). Pour carbonated water.
Mix well and then add a lemon peel.
It’s a cocktail with green tea, so it tastes like alcohol and if you reduce the ratio too much, it’ll get bland.
The ratio is about 1.5/1:2.
I added lemon juice because I wanted it to have a fresh feeling.
Then the taste becomes rather sour and blind. Lemon peel is clean and cool without it, so it’s okay.
For those who want to eat more refreshingly, it would be good to add one.
HWAYO itself tastes calm, so I think it goes well with tea.
For those who enjoy HWAYO, I recommend making cocktails and eating them.

I think it would be okay to eat with Gin.

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