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Tea cocktail made with Fortnum and Mason’s black tea.

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Fortnum & Mason is a very famous brand, and anyone interested in cars can tell.

So today, I’m going to make cocktails using three types of Fortnum and Mason tea.

The first is Earl Grey’s Negroni tea cocktail.

Earl Grey is the scent that many people enjoy the most in black tea types.
The taste itself is light, but it is a type of citrus fruit such as lemons and tangerines. Blend with scent…
You can feel a refreshing and rich scent. The taste and aroma are fresh, so it goes very well with cold water.
For reference, the Earl Grey Classic is said to have been named after Earl Grey, the prime minister of England in the 1830s.
The way to make it is very simple. Ingredients are 3g of earl grey tea leaves. 50ml of gin, 50ml of Campari, 50ml of Sweet Vermut.
Two pieces of orange go in.
Mix 3g of Earl Grey tea leaves and Gin Campari Sweet Vermut in all quantities.
Put all of them in the mixer glass one by one. After that, wait for about an hour so that the tea scent can be brewed.
The recipe is to pour cocktails into a glass with ice after an hour and stir gently to cool it down.
If you want to eat cocktails quickly and coolly, keep them refrigerated for an hour.
After an hour, take it out of the refrigerator and drink ice in a glass. Finally, add a piece of orange one by piece by piece.
Then the negroni is completed.

There are people who don’t like it because it’s sweet.

With Earl Grey, you can enjoy a slightly bitter taste in harmony.
The combination of black tea and gin is really good. If you like the negroni, I recommend making it Earl Grey.


Second, I’m going to make a non-alcoholic cocktail.

This time, we will use the Countess Grey tea.
Countess Gray is an orange-colored tea leaf coated with bergamot and an orange scent.
Orange Peko is one of the black tea grades, which means it has a very good quality scent.
It is characterized by strong orange and tangerine scents.
It is an attractive tea that has a strong orange scent when actually drank concern.
The way to make a cocktail is to brew tea first.
Add 500ml of boiling water, 10g of tea leaves, and soak for 4 minutes.
Over time, filter out the tea leaves and throw them away, and we put 500ml of tea water and cold water in a sterilized bottle.
After that, leave it in the refrigerator and wait until it cools down completely.
When it’s completely cold, it’s called a jug (bowl). Bring one ) and mix the ingredients.
Add 500ml of cooled tea water and 100ml of fresh orange juice, and add honey or agave syrup according to your preference.
When you have finished adding all the ingredients, fill the ice and mix it.
If you put ice in a glass and drink it, non-alcoholic ice tea is completed.
The taste itself is refreshing and calm, but the scent is good, so it is not bland and delicious.
Like Earl Grey, it’s light and clean, but it smells like orange in the tea. It has a strong orange scent with fresh orange juice.
It’s a really delicious cocktail because it’s not artificial. I think it’d be good to prepare for friends who can’t drink at the year-end party.

The third is the GNT tea cocktail.

This cocktail tries to utilize the Brach First Blend Tea.
Prepare 100ml of Bravest Blend Tea, 50g of sugar, 100ml of gin, and 50ml of lemon juice as ingredients for G&T cocktail.
It is a tea composed of Indian Asam black tea. If the capacity is increased further, two to three tea bags will be added to worry.
Black First Blend is characterized by a strong and strong malt scent.
Whiskey may come to mind as soon as you eat malt. The texture is different, but it’s bitter and savory, so if you look at it, it’s alcohol.
You can think of it as the best car. This cocktail requires a process before it is made.
First of all, add a teabag to 100ml of hot water of about 80 degrees and brew it. The syrup should be made while the tea cools down.
Add 50 g to 25 ml of boiling water and mix until the sugar is completely dissolved.
When the sugar is completely dissolved, cool it down for a while. When the syrup and tea cool down, it is now ready.
Add 100ml of brewed tea, 50ml of lemon juice, 100ml of gin, and even cold syrup.
If mixed well, put it back in the refrigerator and cool it down again. Put it in for about an hour.
When it cools down enough, add ice and put it in a cup to complete.
Lastly, add a slice of lemon and you’re done.
It is a cocktail that does not taste much and has a sufficient scent. This cocktail has a stronger scent than alcohol.
I can feel the feeling of drinking tea. The cocktail color is orange, so it’s fun to watch.
I think you can enjoy the syrup neatly even if it is reduced to less sweet.

For those who enjoy Fortnum and Mason black tea, it is also a way to enjoy cocktails using tea.

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