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What is colostrum protein?

Colostrum milk, a raw material of colostrum protein, is called first-milk from 4 to 5 days after delivery. colostrum contains a large amount of iron, vitamin A, lactoferrin protein, and various immune substances. In particular, a protein component called lactoferrin is contained only in cows and...

Making StrawberryMoon Cocktail.

I'm going to make Strawberrymoon cocktail that go well with our blog. Strawberry & Rich Frozen Margarita. Strawberry & Rich Frozen Margarita Cocktail. Ingredients --- 3 strawberries, 1oz Quaype, 1oz tequila, 0.5oz lime juice, 3ts sugar. Dip lemon juice in the cocktail sauce. Cut three strawberries into the blender...

All About StrawberryMoon 2 – IU

StrawberryMoon - IU Digital Single What happens inside me when I fall in love is closer to a fantasy than the strawberry-colored moon in the night sky of June, which seems to be made of Photoshop. Even if you don't come often or come back,...

All About StrawberryMoon 1 – Grover Washington Jr.

Played Strawberry Moon. It is a 1987 work by fusion star Grover Who has already secured many fans in Korea with his warm and beautiful saxophone performance through Just Two Us, and his collaboration with Bibi King, a living soul of the blues guitar, attracts...