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Making StrawberryMoon Cocktail.

I’m going to make Strawberrymoon cocktail that go well with our blog.

Strawberry & Rich Frozen Margarita.

Strawberry & Rich Frozen Margarita Cocktail.
Ingredients — 3 strawberries, 1oz Quaype, 1oz tequila, 0.5oz lime juice, 3ts sugar.

Dip lemon juice in the cocktail sauce.

Cut three strawberries into the blender and put them in.
Add 3 spoons of sugar, 1oz of tequila, 1oz of Quaype, and 0.5oz of lime juice.
Add a spoon of ice and grind it.
Use the smoothie function in the blender. If you’re going to make it at home, grind the strawberries in advance.
It’s okay to drink a shake after getting ready. Put it in a glass and it’s done.
It’s good to use strawberries as garnish. It smells like tequila and it’s very refreshing and sweet.
It tastes good. If you made it with strawberries, it can taste simple, but with Quaype,
The rich scent is subtle, so you can enjoy it more deliciously.
If you want to eat sweeter, it would be better to add more sugar.
It tastes less like alcohol with ground ice, so it’s really good to drink as a summer drink.

Strawberry rose white wine.

Supplies — 2 strawberries, 0.7oz rose syrup, 2oz white wine.

If you make a cocktail with white wine, you can enjoy it more deliciously.
If you use sweeter wine, you’d better reduce the amount of syrup.
Likewise, grind strawberries in advance and prepare them.

Put 2oz of ice and white wine in a shaker, 0.7oz of rose syrup, and ground strawberries.
Shake it. Put it in a glass and it’s done. If you put one ice in the glass,
You can enjoy it cooler. The taste itself is simple, but wine is made of fruits.
The combination is very good. It’s refreshing and sweet, so it doesn’t taste like alcohol at all.
It tasted like white wine. If you buy white wine but it doesn’t taste good, make this cocktail.
I think it’ll be good to use. If you add rose syrup, the rose scent is subtle, making it a better fit.

strawberry caipirinha

StrawberryMoon caipirinha.

Ingredients — 4 strawberries, 1oz of lime, 1.3oz of kashasa, 3ts of sugar.

Kaipirina is a cocktail that is refreshingly enjoyed with plenty of strawberries and sugar.
Cut strawberries into several pieces.
After that, put strawberries in a shaker and add an ounce of lime juice.
Add a lot of sugar! About 3 spoons) When you make a cocktail, you need to add sugar a little too much.
It’s just right. Mash the strawberries and sugar in the shaker well.
Then, add 1.3oz of kashasa, add ice, and shake.
Even if you add a little more alcohol, it doesn’t taste strong at all.
You can add more alcohol to suit your taste.
Fill the glass with ice and pour it to complete the delicious caipirinha.
The taste is very sweet and sour, and when you take a bite, it tastes like vitamins are charged. It’s a perfect cocktail to eat lightly.
You can make it with other fruits other than strawberries.
Among them, I personally think that caipirinha is the most delicious to make with strawberries.
If you can purchase it on the recommendation of alcohol, I recommend Kasha.
If you like rum because it’s not expensive, I recommend you try Kasha.

Strawberry Gin Sour.

(It is a cocktail made of sour with fashion fruit syrup in strawberry and Gins. )
Ingredients — 2 strawberries, fashion fruit syrup 0.5oz, gin 1.5oz, egg white porcelain, lemon juice 0.5oz.
Please grind the strawberries beforehand.
Add 1.5oz of gin to the shaker and 0.5oz of fashion fruit syrup and 0.5oz of lemon juice.
Lastly, add an egg white and dry shake it to squeeze it.
One to two minutes is enough. If you’re done, add ice and shake it one more time.
Now, if you put it in a glass, it’s done.
It is more delicious to use fashion fruit syrup than just adding syrup.
You can feel a soft-tasting cocktail because of its fresh, sweet, and egg whites.
If you only eat the foam part, it feels like you’re eating a light strawberry cream.
It is a good cocktail because it has a subtle taste of fashion fruits.

strawberry cocktail

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Strawberry Gin & Basil Smash.

Ingredients — 3 strawberries, plenty of basil, 1.5oz of gin, 0.5oz of lime juice, 0.5oz of syrup.
I recommend putting as much basil as possible.
Before making a cocktail, rim the glass with sugar first. (Liming)- Lemon juice.
Put sugar on the glass first.
A cocktail is when sugar comes into your mouth when you eat it. It’s sweeter.
It can feel very harmonious with the bitter taste of alcohol. )

Put basil in a shaker and cut three strawberries in moderation.
Add 0.5oz of syrup and muddle. It refers to the process of crushing. )
Add 1.5oz of gin and 0.5oz of lime juice.
After that, add ice and shake it.
Put ice in a rimmed glass and put it in a glass to complete it.
You must add plenty of basil!!
It is recommended as a cocktail that even people who do not like basil scents can enjoy.

Strawberries are sweet, but they have a unique scent that goes well with alcohol.
In general, I introduced a cocktail that is not high in alcohol, but good for sweet and sour drinks.

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