mule cocktail

Making a cool mule cocktail.

What is a mule?

A cocktail in the style of adding ginger beer or ginger ale + lemon or lime to alcohol.

This cocktail will introduce a cocktail that smells like ginger.
Gingerbeer has a stronger ginger scent and it’s easy to get on the market.
There are Canadian Dry Ginger Ale or Bundabug Ginger Ale.
If you want to enjoy the rich rich ginger scent, it would be good to choose Bundaberg.

mulled cocktail

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The first cocktail is how to make a moscow-mule cocktail.

The ingredients are simple and taste good, so you can easily make them at home.
Prepare lime juice (half dog), ginger ale, and vodka as ingredients.
If you buy vodka at home, you can eat it most often when making moscow-mule.
You can freely choose the ratio of the ingredients and the products you use.
Add 1.5 ounces of vodka into the glass and half a lime juice.
Fill the ginger ale with ice and a glass of cocktail is completed. You can put a light garnish on it.
If you go to Rosemary as a tip, it goes well with ginger scent, so it’s good.
It smells sweet and sour, followed by carbonation, and has a clean aftertaste.
If you don’t like a ginger scent, you might wonder when you first taste it, but ginger and lime meet.
Surprisingly, the tangy taste suits you very well.
If you like a sharper taste, you’d better add a little lemon.
It also goes well with spicy food.

The second is to talk about how to make Mexican mules using tequila instead of vodka.

I will use Bundaburg Gingerbeer.
Prepare tequila, triple-sek, ginger beer, and lime juice (half dog) as the ingredients to be added.
Bundaberg Ginger Beer is not necessarily used for cocktails but is just a drink.
Carbonated drinks that are pungent, soft ginger-scented, but not too spicy or sweet are also suitable.
If you don’t like a ginger scent, there may be likes and dislikes. First, put ingredients one by one in a cup.
Add 1.5 ounces of tequila and 0.5 ounces of triple sex and squeeze the lime.
Then, fill it with ice and fill it with ginger beer to complete the cocktail simply.
If Moscow has a bright and popping taste, Mexican mules are more stimulating and rich.
Tequila has a clear scent. Ginger beer is also a strong scent.
It is a cocktail with a great balance of scents between ingredients. It’s cool and has a strong scent, so it’s very delicious.
You can enjoy it. If you like triplex, reduce the amount of tequila and increase triplex.
You can make it. If you like tequila, you should make this cocktail.

The third mule cocktail is Southern Comfort.

Ingredients for entry include southern comfort, ginger ale, and lime juice (half dog).
Add 1.5 ounces of Southern Comfort to the glass and squeeze half a lime.
Fill it with ice and fill it with ginger ale.
This cocktail is similar to a vitamin drink that you eat a lot when you are tired.
It is slightly reminiscent of artificial sourness, moderate sweetness, and strangely crystal fruit.
It would be nice to think of it as a taste of cool Bacchus with lime and ginger.
It’s surprisingly addictive and easy to make, so if you have ingredients, I recommend making it at home.

The fourth is Mule, who used Scotch Whiskey.

I need Scotch whiskey, Saint-Germain, Beater (Angostura, Orange), ginger ale, and lemon juice.
It goes in. Originally, Angostura bitter goes in, but it’s okay to add an orange beater depending on your taste.
Shaker, 1.5 ounces of ice, scotch whiskey, 0.7 ounces of lemon juice, 0.5 ounces of Saint-Germain, and 1 dash of Angosturavitor.
Add 1 dash of the orange beater and shake.
Put ice in a glass and pour it in. After that, fill the ginger ale to complete it.
There are many scents, but whiskey is the base, so it’s moderately heavy, and Saint-Germain’s scent is subtle at the end, so it’s good.
It is a cocktail with little sweetness and a clean taste.


If you are worried about choosing ginger here, please refer to it.

To compare the taste of ginger ale by type, I think it would be good to put what I like and make mules according to my taste.
First of all, Bundaberg Ginger Ale is sweet and tangy. It’s delicious.
It is a good product to use without difficulty. The ginger scent of Pibertreesinger Ale is…
It was similar to Bundaberg, but the sweetness and tangy taste were slightly weaker.
Q. Tonic ginger ale is cool and has a good ginger scent and carbonation,
It doesn’t taste as strong as the scent. But it’s refreshing and clean.
It can be useful when making it not sweet. I think it would be good for him to enjoy delicious mules with ginger ale that suits his taste.

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