How to enjoy delicious Tequila.

How to enjoy delicious Tequila.

For those who like tequila, I would like to give you a really good snack recipe.

Tequila is one of the drinks that people like and dislike because of its unique aroma and taste.
There are a lot of people who don’t like it but to those people today,
I would like to introduce how to eat tequila very deliciously.
Most tequila is usually served with lemon and salt when ordered outside.
These two go very well with tequila. (In other words, honey combination!!))
Tequila has a dry and hot taste (hot taste), so it goes very well with these stimulating ingredients.
Today, I would like to introduce a slightly different combination of coffee powder and lime than the previously known snack.
It’s delicious to eat with lemon, but when you eat it at home, it’s really delicious to cut and eat lime.
Leave half of the lime and make cuts so that it’s easy to eat.
Sprinkle a lot of sugar on top and burn it with a torch.
When you need something sweet while eating raw lime, it’s good to eat one by one.
If you add sugar-coated lime like this, you can enjoy tequila more deliciously.
If you eat tequila and enjoy salt or lime sugar with lime coffee powder,
You can enjoy the true taste of tequila.

Tequila is delicious even with a slammer.

It is a way to add carbonic acid to tequila.
Since you have to put in two things, prepare a slightly larger glass than the existing shot glass.
If you add half of tequila and cider and drink it, it’s
It’s mixed with carbonated drinks, so it tastes less and is very delicious. I keep eating it because it’s good.
I recommend eating moderately because you can get drunk quickly.

tequila recipe

Now, I’ll tell you a cocktail recipe with tequila.

It’s margarita cocktail.

Tequila is characterized by a clean taste with the sour and fragrant taste of lime and the salty taste of salt.
Magirita, which only adds lime, can be said to be the formula for neatness.
The ingredients that go in are triple-sek, lime juice, tequila, and salt.
Cut the lime in half and juice it. (Cut the rimming halime a little bit.)
Live the glass with salt. You can coat the lime with salt.
Put ice in a shaker, put an ounce of tequila, and triple sex 0…5 ounces.
Add 0.5 ounces of lime juice and shake it.
After that, pour it into the glass and it’s done.

Next, we are going to make a tequila sunrise.

It is one of the most representative cocktails made with tequila along with margarita.
It is a cocktail in which the Grenadine syrup sinks down and is completed in a pretty color that rises to the sky when the sun rises.
With orange juice, it tastes sour and sweet.
It looks raw, but it is a cocktail that combines the rough and strong alcohol scent of tequila.
First, prepare ice in a glass. Add 1 ounce of tequila and 3 ounces of orange juice.
Slowly pour 0.5 ounces of Grenadine Syrup.
Put cherries and pineapples in a glass with garnish to complete the cocktail.

And among tequila cocktails, Matador is a cocktail.

It’s a delicious but uncommon cocktail.
Matador means a bullfighter. Especially at the end, he plays the role of stabbing the cow to death.
It refers to a bullfighter, and it is said that garnish is used as a cherry to express the red cloak of the bullfighter.
It is a delicious cocktail with pineapple juice that is sour, sweet, and subtle tequila scent.
Ingredients are lime juice and tequila pineapple juice perry (garnish).
If you add water to the raw file apple, grind it, and use it as juice, you can enjoy more delicious Matador.
It is okay to use commercially available pineapple juice. First, cut the lime in half and juice it.
You can use half. Add 1 ounce of tequila and 2 ounces of pineapple juice and 0.5 ounce of lime juice to the shaker and shake.
Add ice to the glass and pour the cocktail.
And finish it by putting cherry and pineapple garnish on top.

The icebreaker has grapefruit juice and grenadine syrup in it.

It’s a cocktail that’s made. Tequila and grapefruit juice are more unique than I thought.
I think people who enjoy tequila will like it because it suits them well.
It is a good cocktail to enjoy lightly because it is moderately sweet and fresh.
Ingredients for entry can be prepared in triple sek, grenadine syrup, tequila, and grapefruit juice.
1 ounce of ice, tequila, 1 ounce of grapefruit juice, 0.3 ounces of triple sex, and 1 spoon of Grenadine syrup.
Put it in and shake it. After shaking, pour it into a glass to complete the ice breaker.
For reference, the alcohol content is about 22 degrees.

Finally, it is a cocktail called Slodequila using tequila.

The alcohol level is 28 degrees. It’s a bit unique with cucumber garnish with slojin and tequila lemon juice.
It could be an unfamiliar cocktail.
They seem to be unexpected ingredients, but they go very well together.
It is a cocktail with a very colorful taste combined with strong-scented ingredients.
Ingredients include lemon juice, cucumber, and tequila.
The way to make it is also simple.
First, put ice in a shaker, 0.5 ounces of tequila slow down lemon juice (half a day), and 0.5 ounces.
Shake it. Put ice in a glass, pour cocktails, and garnish with cucumbers to complete it.
If you really hate cucumbers, you might be reluctant on the outside,
If you try it, you will be addicted to the subtle taste.

Today, I introduced five cocktail recipes with tequila.
It would be nice to enjoy various cocktails at home with a bottle of tequila.
To break Tequila’s prejudice, did you like the sweet and delicious recipe?

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