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Glen Rivet 12-year-old : Recommended for whisky introduction

The 12-year-old Glen Rivet whiskey is a representative drink that can be easily drunk.

Please note that the standard of being normal is a whiskey that can be recommended for people who haven’t drunk a lot of whiskeys.
It is a name that can only be used in the Glen Rivet Distillation Plant. It means soft and smooth.
It’s Sinclmold whiskey produced by a distillation plant in Spaceside, Scotland.
It’s very popular.

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What does Glen mean?

There are many types of whiskey that start with glen.
Glen means a valley in Gaelic.
It is named by reflecting the name of a river or valley flowing next to a distillation station or geographical characteristics.

That’s how it’s actually.
Most of them were named because of the surrounding environment where distillation plants are located.

When will whiskey be the best?

Originally, when whiskey is drunk as soon as it is opened for the first time, it has a very strong smell of alcohol that stings your nose.
There’s a difference in the degree of whiskey, but when you smell it as soon as you open it,
The alcohol scent is so strong that it feels like other scents are relative.
That’s why there are cases where you purposely leave it in a cup and leave the alcohol scent to evaporate and drink it.
Obviously, the taste changes over time.
The alcohol scent disappears a lot and feels a little softer at the third or fourth time than at the first time.
I bought it because it was sweet and soft, but if you open it at home,
If it’s strong and strong, I’ll drink it a few weeks later. I’ll put it in the cup and eat it.
Sounds good. For your information, Glenrivette does not have a strong alcohol scent compared to other whiskeys when first drank.
This can be different for each individual.

In general, glen rivet tastes the best about three weeks after its first opening.

When drunk, it tastes very sweet and fragrant in the scent itself.
It is sweet and savory, so it is perfect for beginners. When I eat cereal with savory, sweet, and like roasted chestnuts,
I can say that it tastes savory. It has a slight honey scent and a sweet fruit scent.
It would be nice to think that it smells like the skin of nuts. Put a big cup of ice in a cup.
Drinking it with whiskey) can make the taste very bland.
So I recommend you to drink knitwear (how to drink whiskey as it is without adding anything).

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