screen golf

For playing Screen Golf well result.

When others play golf, it seems easy, but I think there must have been a lot of cases like this where you swing often and the distance is not good when you play golf with a golf club yourself.

I went to the practice field thinking that the story would be a little different if it was a screen golf course, not a regular outdoor field, and you would have felt that there was no change there or here.

How to play screen golf well This is also helpful in many ways to play with your own golf techniques and skills. 스크린골프.net

It’s true that more people are looking for screen golf courses these days because it’s hard to play outdoors due to COVID-19.

The Importance of Iron Selection

There are a lot of golfers who tend to miss this part a lot.

The selection of golf clubs is one of the basics in how to play screen golf well.

You practice golf with the idea that you’ll be good at golf if you use irons and drivers that golf professionals use a lot. Of course, if you’re lucky, you can find a golf club that suits you and help you practice, but most of you don’t!

For those who have problems with the distance when practicing golf, the distance varies depending on the iron head, so I hope you consider this and select the Iron Golf Club.

If you use a wide iron brush, you can grab both distance and directional parts at the same time, so please keep that in mind

Never ignore putting

Usually, the putting that is the highlight of the last round of golf is not interested at all
There are people who don’t leave it.

Of course, it’s not like the ball goes into the hole without putting with a hole-in-one or a few swings, but it happens when you’re really lucky or when you’re good at calculating the distance, strength, and angle, and putting is really important.

Approach shot

Many golfers make a lot of mistakes when floating the ball up, which means that they lift the ball up.

In this case, the ball does not float high, but becomes a top ball.

If you are passive in swinging because you are not confident in taking an approach shot, I hope you don’t hesitate to practice golf with the focus on opening the club headface and hitting it with confidence.

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