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Egg cocktail – The king of softness with whites

Today, I would like to share a soft egg cocktail recipe with egg whites.

When you make a cocktail with whites, use the eggs that you’ve kept for too long.
If you make it, it can smell fishy, so I recommend using fresh eggs.


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The first egg cocktail is Amaretto Sour.

The ingredients are very simple. Amaretto egg white bitter lemon syrup goes in like this.
It’s really delicious compared to simple ingredients, and if you like amaretto cocktails, I recommend making it.
First, cut the lemon in half and juice it.
Add 1.5 ounces of amaretto to the shaker, 1 tsp of syrup, lemon juice, and a bit of beater.
(It serves to add flavor by adding a small amount of alcohol with herbs, spices, and plant roots.)
Add egg white and shake without ice.
Add ice and shake it one more time shortly. Put ice in a glass.
Pour the cocktail and it’s done.
It is classic and has a very rich taste and aroma. For those who don’t like amaretto,
I can feel the strong scent and sweetness, so I don’t drink it because I get sick of it.
I don’t know if it’s because of the egg whites, but the ingredients are mixed well. The overall texture is…
It’s good because it’s light and soft. If you take a sip, the scent of amaretto comes up to the tip of your nose.
It tastes like a soft and rich lemon scent. It is a cocktail that even those who did not like amaretto can enjoy deliciously.
Depending on your taste, you don’t have to put in a beater.

The second is White Lady egg Cocktail.

Ingredients for entry include gin triple-sek, lemon, syrup, and egg white.
Prepare a little bit of lemon skin and squeeze the lemon juice.
1.5 ounces in the shaker, 0.7 ounces in triple sek, and lemon juice (half dog). Lemon peels, egg whites.
Add 0.3 ounces of syrup and shake without ice.
You don’t have to put lemon peels. However, if you want to feel the scent stronger,
It’s good to add lemon peels. Put ice in the shaker and shake it one more time.
Let the cocktail glass be filled with ice in advance.
Then throw away the ice in the cup and put the cocktail in it to complete it.
(Leave a filter and pour it in.) It has a lot of alcohol in it, but it’s soft and clean.
It’s a cocktail that you can drink quickly. You don’t have to add egg whites, but you don’t have to add sour.
It feels cozy, so I recommend putting it in.
If you like gin, it would be good to increase the proportion of alcohol.

The third is the Pink Lady egg cocktail.

I think many people will know because it’s a famous cocktail.
Ingredients include gin, grenadine syrup, lemon, egg white, and cream.
It is a cocktail made in pink with grenadine syrup.
First, squeeze the lemon juice. 1.5 ounces of Grenadine Syrup. 0.2 ounces of Grenadine Syrup.
Add lemon juice (half dog) and a little bit of egg white cream and shake without ice.
Add ice and shake it one more time shortly.
Put ice in a cup, throw it away, and make a cool cup.
Then pour the cocktail. A simple pink lady cocktail is completed.
It’s good to add a berry with garnish.
If you don’t really like Grenadine syrup, the soft taste of the egg whites,
You may feel that Grenadine syrup does not go well with it. Usually, we take out the lemon and make it.
Then, it can have a soft true taste with a Grenadine scent. Jin has a big gravity, so even in terms of taste…
The direction is approaching a lot. It is a cocktail recipe recommended if you like the sweet and soft taste.

The fourth is Ramos Gin Fizz Cocktail.

It is a cocktail that requires more ingredients than the above ingredients.
Ingredients that go in include gin, syrup, lime, lemon, milk, egg white, vanilla extract, and orange blossom water carbonated water.
1.5 ounces of syrup, 1.5 ounces of milk, half of lime juice, and half of lemon juice.
Add the vanilla extract 1/2 tsp (It has a fragrant scent and plays a role in enhancing the scent.)
Orange flower water 1 ts. Lastly, add an egg white and without ice.
Shake it, please. It contains a lot of ingredients. Shake for about 7 to 8 minutes.
cocktailIt takes a long time to shake because there are many ingredients. Put ice in a glass and put ice in it and shake it one more time.
Throw away the ice in the cup, pour it into the cup, and add carbonated water.
I recommend adding orange flower water. The reason is that it has a strong and fragrant scent.

The scent comes up when you drink it. If you don’t put it in, it can be a plain cocktail.
It has a lot of ingredients, so it has a variety of scents, soft texture, and moderately.
You will be able to enjoy a sweet taste and melting foam.

All four cocktails were organized using egg whites.
You might be curious if it smells fishy because it has raw eggs in it, but fresh eggs.
If used, you can enjoy unique and delicious cocktails at home without any fishy smell.

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