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Best Non-alcoholic Cocktail Recipes

Today, we are going to talk about non-alcoholic cocktails.


Non-alcoholic Cuba-Libre.

If you enjoy the cocktail “Cubaribre”, you might wonder.
The reason is that the main ingredients of this cocktail are originally cocktails containing rum, coke, and lime.
If you take out the rum and make it non-alcoholic, isn’t it just cola+lime? That’s what you might think.
But we can understand if we think about it from the perspective of people who can’t drink well.
I drink a lot of non-alcoholic cocktails because I want to enjoy the atmosphere of drinking together.

The way to make it is also very simple.
Put ice in the glass and fill it with cola.
Then, put half a piece of lime in.
You can add all of them depending on your taste. If you’re done, mix it lightly.
If you know what coke and lime taste like, you can predict the taste.
It’s cool and refreshing, and I think it’s delicious to play a great role if you put both ingredients in a cocktail.
If you feel burdened with alcohol, try Cuban Libre without rum.
If you are on a diet, I recommend it even more. Of course, I can’t drink.
There’s no alcohol. If you change coke to zero coke and add lime, it’s really good for dieters.
It can be a drink. And it goes well with greasy food, so when you eat something oily like sweet and sour pork, pizza, hamburger,
It’s very good to eat with it.


Non-alcoholic strawberry mojito.

As the weather gets colder, you will see a lot of strawberries when you go to the mart.
So this time, I’ll show you how to make a glass of mojito using strawberries.
Ingredients also do not contain alcohol.
You can prepare mint, sugar, strawberry, and half lime carbonated water.
If you enjoy cocktails, it is also good to grow mint pots.
Because mint is essential for cocktails.

First, cut the strawberries into the mixing glass.
You just need to put in a lot. After that, squeeze the lime juice and add mint.
And add plenty of sugar and then muddle it. If you add sugar to your taste, it’s almost done.
If you’re done with muddling, put it in a glass.
Put it in a pretty cup and fill it with ice.
Then, add carbonated water and mix it lightly to complete.
It’s delicious and looks good, so you can feel like you’re eating a cocktail without alcohol.
It smells very good with fresh mint. It has a strong refreshing mint scent, so it can be said to be a very satisfying cocktail.
It would be great to make strawberries at home now.

pinacolada non alcoholic cocktail

It’s non-alcoholic pina colada.

The cocktail “Pina Colada” is also a cocktail with rum.
I’m going to make non-alcoholic drinks, take out the serum, and add coconut milk, blue curaso syrup, half a banana, and 1/8 pineapples.
Get ready.
Put ingredients one by one in the blender.
Add 2 ounces of coconut milk and 0.5 ounces of blue curaso syrup and 8/1 pineapple and half a banana.
Fill it with ice and grind it in a blender.
After grinding well, put it in a cup and garnish to complete.
The color is melon. Coconut milk and banana have soft and thick ingredients.
Kat can also feel savory and rich.
It is a strong pineapple scent and is a good cocktail to enjoy.
However, if you don’t like greasy food, I recommend reducing coconut milk and adding more pineapple.


Non-alcoholic Florida.

This time, it is a cocktail made simply using lemon and butter.
Ingredients are sugar, Angostura Bitters, orange juice, lemon juice.
Angostura Bitters is also a type of alcohol with a fairly high level of alcohol, so it is difficult to say that it is non-alcoholic.
However, it can be called non-alcohol because it is used in such a small amount.
Add 2 ounces of ice and orange juice to the shaker, 0.7 ounces of lemon juice, and 1 spoon of sugar.
Add 1dash to the angostura beater. (1dash- Tilting the bottle (4 to 5 drops)
After that, shake it and put it in a cold cup taken out of the freezer to complete.
It seems very urgent with orange juice and lemon juice, but the taste itself is strong, so it tastes sourer.
Since it has alcohol, you can enjoy cocktail alcohol quite a bit.
However, Angostura Bitters’ unique herbal medicine-like scent can come up very strongly.
If you don’t like orange juice very much, it may not suit your taste.
If you like orange juice, you can enjoy it deliciously.

Sol-Fizz. (Non-alcoholic Gin-Fizz)

Like Cuba Libre, there are four ingredients, syrup, lemon juice, carbonated water.
Except for gin, it’s just lemonade, so I use a pine eye drink that’s even a little similar to gin.
It is a drink that has strong likes and dislikes, such as McCol and morning sunlight.
You’ll know if you’ve tried pine eyes. To put it nicely, it’s refreshing like rosemary.
In other words, it can taste like an air freshener. Since it is a non-alcoholic cocktail, I used the eyes of pine instead of Jin.
Add an ounce of ice and pine snow to the shaker, add 0.5 ounces of syrup, 0.7 ounces of lemon juice, and shake.
Put ice in a glass, pour it in a lot, and fill it with carbonated water.
Mix it lightly and it’s done.
The appearance is no different from Gin-Fizz. It also smells similar. Although it tastes different,
It tastes like lemon and carbonation in the eyes of a pine. Pine’s eyes smell fresh but sweet. Refreshing and cool.
You may not feel it.
For those who like pine eyes, I recommend this non-alcoholic cocktail.

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