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StrawberryMoon – IU Digital Single

What happens inside me when I fall in love is closer to a fantasy than the strawberry-colored moon in the night sky of June, which seems to be made of Photoshop. Even if you don’t come often or come back, I hope you can think of the mysterious moment that everyone has experienced at least once while listening to this song.

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The song is the latest song and single album released on October 19, 2021.

​*The genre is dreamy synth pop rock.
*Lyrics and composition are all the latest songs made by IU.

Listening to the latest song released, I could think of it as a cozy and happy song. The lyrics are also pretty, and I think it’s a healing song because it makes my ears comfortable.


In this Gucci pictorial interview, IU said she wanted to make a very easy song and hoped that no one would think much or be sad when she heard it, and that fans would feel comfortable.

When I first sketched, it was a simple easy listening track based on an acoustic guitar, and composer Lee Jong-hoon’s refreshing piano theme and cool D Bridge were added to make it a poprock song centered on piano melody. In addition, the delicate arrangements of composers Lee Jong-hoon and Lee Chae-kyu, the musical assistants I trust and rely on the most, expressed “weightlessness” more effectively in the lyrics, and electronic elements reminiscent of the universe were placed everywhere. It is said that it is the latest song that focuses on reviving the dynamic of the entire song using delicate sounds in the introduction and sounds emitted in the chorus and backing chorus.

The song, which released its latest song in seven months after its fifth full-length album Lilac, swept the music charts and topped the Melon chart 100th place.

*More details are written under the lyrics of StrawberryMoon.

Strawberry Moon – IU Lyrics (Eng ver.)

As the moon is ripening, hurry up, young blood
Holding a dandelion.

It’s a night where love floats dizzy.
Fly away and make it come true.

The feeling of rising through the tight darkness
I won’t be afraid if I stumble under this huge weightlessness

Above us green, big strawberrymoon scoop
Will you leave me to you eh-oh

Feels like I’m flying up the wind so cool
How can life be more perfect ooh

It’s a luck that’s hard to face again.
My heart is beating all over my body

Oh, it’s a night that I’m willing to wander about
If I can get lost with you,

Breaking down the entrance with our hands.
The end and end of this infinity I’m going to fly up and down again

Above us green, big strawberry moon scoop
Will you leave me to you eh-oh

Feels like I’m flying up the wind so cool
How can life be more perfect ooh

It’s amazing Is there a moment more like a dream than this?
I think it’s the first time we found it.

Everything tonight, fly above it
Above us green, Strawberry Moon. A scoop.
How does it feel to have the world eh-oh
Feels like I’m flying up the wind so cool
How can life be more perfect ooh


What does StrawberryMoon mean?​

Strawberry Moon, which is likely to fill the strawberry scent, is a word that Indians used to call for the full moon in June. Usually in June, it is a nickname given by cultivating strawberries, and it is said that Strawberry Moon was known as auspicious among Indians.

In particular, Strawberry Moon is famous for its lovely atmosphere as its name, making love come true among many wishes

The latest song, StrawberryMoon, is based on the story mentioned earlier.


What about the Strawberry Moon music video?​

It is a music video that unrealistically depicts the love of young lovers like a fantasy movie.
In other words, it can be said that it is a song about young lovers who confess to each other in front of StrawberryMoon.

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