All about highball.

What is highball?

Among cocktails, it’s refreshing and has carbonated drinks.
The alcohol level is not very high, which is the high ball.

Many people don’t know exactly what this means and how to make it.
There are many people who think that highball is just one cocktail. The general public can think of it as alcohol.
Of course, there was a cocktail called highball in the past.
It can be seen as a genre derived from that.
If you play highball in Korea, you will know a lot of Santori Highball sold at skewers, lamb skewers, and bars.
It is often low in alcohol, low in carbonation, and contains lemon juice. The one I eat the most is…
There is a whiskey called Santori Gakuvin. It is also sold a lot in Japan for high balls.
Many people know Santori = Gakuvin as the same thing. But Santori means the company name.
The exact name is Kakubin whiskey.
If you know this, you can ask for a gakuvin when you go to a bar in the future.

martini highball

source : pixabay

What kind of composition is highball?

Highball is a mixture of liquor such as distilled water and carbonated water or soda.
There are many types of alcohol and carbonated water and beverages, so there are many types derived from them.

Among them, the most famous is Gin tonic/Bourbon & Coke/etc.
If you add soda to alcohol, you can think of it as a high ball.

Then let’s find out the very simple and basic high-ball recipe that we often eat.

First, prepare whiskey. Prepare sweet-sour mix. (Lemon juice is also available.)
Prepare carbonated water.
Fill the ice and add 45ml and 1,5oz of whiskey.
And then add lemon. (Sweet Sour Mix 30 ml) Then add carbonated water.
Sugar-free carbonated water sold at convenience stores is also good.
After that, stir well. It can be said that it is mixed to mix well.
Then the whiskey highball is completed. I think it would be good to choose whiskey types according to your personal taste.

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